Oxbow Zen is a group of Zen practitioners in the greater Northampton, Massachusetts, area. Our aim is to offer a refuge for people to learn about and practice meditation; and to nourish a community to support and deepen that practice.

We have no fixed Zendo.  Several times a week we create a place for sincere practice in various locations.  Practicing in the White Plum Lineage of Zen, we invite meditators from all traditions to participate.

We typically open and close with a short chanting service.  In addition, we hold several day-long sits (Zazenkai) each year (e.g. Jan, Mar, Jun, Oct).  Occasional Dharma talks are offered by Lisa Soshin Dufour and Volker Kenko Ecke, senior Zen students of Roshi Enkyo O’Hara of the Village Zendo in New York City.

Location: Starting in June, all sits will take place at Magna House.  For further details and directions to Magna House contact  oxbowzensangha@gmail.com.  Chairs are available at all sits.  If you have a mat, cushion or bench you like to use, please bring them along.  We are looking forward to sitting with you!

Magna House
Magna House

Sunday morning (new location as of June 2018): Two rounds of sitting, Sunday 8:15-9:30 AM at Magna House.  Plan to arrive by 8:05 AM to set up your cushions and seat.  For further details and directions to Magna House contact  oxbowzensangha@gmail.com.

The Thursday evening sit is taking a break for the summer:  Starting again in the fall, there will be two rounds of sitting, Thursday 6:00-7:30 PM also at Magna House.  Come and set up your seat around 5:50 PM.

Other opportunities:  … include spontaneous weekday evening sittings (Mon, Wed,…), half-day or full-day sits, Dharma Wheels Road Trips,  ….  To stay in the loop subscribe to the email list:  send email to oxbow-zen-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and follow the emailed prompts.

Affiliates:   Village Zendo,  Hyannis Zendo