Small altar at the Friends Meeting House
Small altar at the Friends Meeting House
A handful of Oxbow Zen practitioners practicing outdoor kinhin among fall foliage.
Outdoor kinhin in the Fall.
Image for Friends Meeting House
Nov 2019, new home: The Friends Meeting House in Northampton where the Oxbow Zen Sangha meets for weekly meditation.

Group photo at the end of the Zazenkai

Zazenkai with Ryotan Sensei, October 2019

2018 Zazenkai Group Photo
March 2018 Zazenkai with Ryotan Sensei
Zazenkai with Ryotan Sensei Sep 30 2017
Group Photo Zazenkai Jun 2017
Ryotan Sensei from the Village Zendo led Oxbow Zen in a day of deep practice. Many thanks to all!
Eight smiling Zen practitioners after a day of deep practice.
Zazenkai Mar 2017
Group Photo: Zazenkai early 2017
Zazenkai Jan 2017
Kuan Yin garden altar, with candles, flowers, water, incense, and a Japanese ink brush.
Eye Opening Ceremony for Garden Kuan Yin.
Five smiling Zen practitioners are arranged behind an altar with various Buddha images.
Eye Opening Ceremony for various Buddha images, summer 2016.
A wedding altar with a stunning arrangement of peonies and other summer flowers.
Wedding Altar, Helen Hills Hills Chapel, Northampton