March 2018

Stars Circle over the Residencia at Cerro Paranal

“Circling around `me'” — Dharma Talk by Ryotan Sensei


February 2018

A flowering tree.

“Hearing,” Dharma Talk by Soshin Osho .


January 2018

Red Banksia flower in San Diego
Flowers in San Diego, January 2018

“Forks and Faith,” Dharma Talk by Kenko.


November, 2017

Bumble bee feeding in flower
Bumble bee feeding in flower

“Feast on your life!”  Dharma talk by Kenko.


October, 2017

“What do you call the world?”  Dharma talk by Soshin Osho.


September, 2017

“I had left the branch.  I was falling. I was loose now in the bright autumn air.”  Hear Ryotan Sensei’s talk.


June, 2017

Ryotan Sensei talks about the role teachers play in zen.


March, 2017

Soshin’s Talk


October, 2016

 Kenko talks about the elements of the world