Study – Resumes Sept 15 – Opening to Oneness, Nancy Mujo Baker

[The Study Group is taking a break for the summer.  It will resume on Sept 15 with Chapter 7, facilitated by Shokai.]

Oxbow Zen Study takes place on the third Sunday of each month. We are meeting in the Zendo after our usual Sunday sit, beginning at 9:30.

We’re studying Opening to Oneness: A Practical Guide to the Zen Precepts by Nancy Mujo Baker.”  For those who wish to order the book online the following link is provided:

Upcoming:  Sept 15 (Chapter 7, Shokai)

Past meetings: June 23 (Chapter 6, HonGō), May 19 (Chapter 5, Meikame), March 17 (Soshin Sensei, Chapter 4),  Feb 18 (Jo-Ei, Chapter 3), Nov 19 (Ann, Chapter 2), Oct 15 (Shokai, “Non-killing”),

[There’s also a YouTube video when she talked with the VZ book group.]