Falling Leaf Zazenkai 2017

Zazenkai with Ryotan Sensei Sep 30 2017

At the Sep 30 Zazenkai, Ryotan Sensei invoked Ryokan’s poem

Maple leaf
Falling down
Showing front
Showing back

as an invitation to look deeply into this mind.

Three full bows in gratitude to Ryotan Sensei for making the trip to share the teaching with the Oxbow Zen Sangha!

And, as always, many thanks to the many hands that create and maintain the container in which we can settle deeply into whole-hearted practice.  Very special thanks to Shokai and Mark for their hospitality!

Oxbow Zen!

After thinking of ourselves as “Upstairs Zen” (because of the location where we’ve been meeting) and the “Bring-Your-Own-Cushions” Sangha (to indicate that you’d have to BYOC to the sit), we’re now thinking of ourselves as “Oxbow Zen.”

We welcome you to our new web site at oxbowzen.org and will soon transition our electronic mailing list to the new name!

Our dedication to practicing together remains unchanged 😉