A special announcement from the Village Zendo

An exciting announcement from the Village Zendo:

Soshin, Fugan, Tokuyu, JoAn, Bokushu Senseis

We’re very pleased to announce that we have some new teachers and preceptors in the Village Zendo community.

On July 30, Ryotan Roshi gave Dharma Transmission to Lisa Soshin Dufour, Douglass Fugan Dineen and Timothy Bokushu Tucker.  They received the title “Sensei” and may teach independently.

We’re delighted to have these new teachers and preceptors to carry on our tradition.

Please join us in congratulating Tokuyu Sensei, JoAn Sensei, Soshin Sensei, Fugan Sensei and Bokushu Sensei!

Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara, Abbot


VZ Retreat (Half-)Day in Person

Update 12/30: The plan to sit together in person has been canceled, due to concern about rising case numbers.  Please join everybody at the Village Zendo sit online.

On Friday, Dec 31, we plan to sit and practice together in our space for the two morning blocks of the Village Zendo Year-End retreat: Zazen/Kinhin from 7:30-9:10 AM, then individual breakfast and work practice, continuing with Zazen/Kinhin from 10:30-12:00.

Update 12/19: If you have robes, you’re invited to wear them.

Detailed schedule: https://villagezendo.org/events/song-of-enlightenment-winter-sesshin/

Walking Meditation

Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary with Fall Colors
Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary with Fall Colors

Practice at Oxbow Zen continues online.  Study will continue on October 25.  Several folks also sit with the Village Zendo on some mornings during the week — and the monthly Zazenkais offered by our mothership.

During this beautiful fall season, please also take the opportunity to experience the changing world in your own surroundings.  Hugs and warm wishes!