Oxbow Zen Sangha: Fall/Winter 2022/23

At our Sangha Meeting today, we discussed plans for various events.  Here’s the resulting plan (updated on Nov 13):

Quarterly Zazenkais: Moving forward, we’ll be holding a regular Zazenkai in early December, March, June, and September.  Typically, these will take place on the first weekend of the month (except for September, when we meet on the second weekend to avoid Labor Day).  Mark your calendars.

Full Service (Sunday):  Starting on November 6 2022, we will be doing a once-a-month full service as part of every Sunday sit.  This will include the Heart Sutra, Sho Sai Myo Kichijo Dharani, and the Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo, along with healing lists and memorial dedications.

Weekday evening sit (Thursday):  Starting soon on December 1, we will be adding a regular, weekly Thursday evening sit from 5:30-7:00 PM, with two rounds of sitting.

Study (Sunday):  Starting on October 30 2022, we are resuming our once-a-month study of chapters in The Zen Teachings of Homeless Kodo, by Kosho Uchiyama & Shohaku Okumura.  This will take place after the regular Sunday sits, in place of the usual check-in.

    • For the study on Oct 30, we will look at Chapter 9, page 31, “What is Happiness?”  Jo-Ei will facilitate.
    • For Nov 27, we will look at Chapter 66, page 188, “Enriching our Lives.”  Kenko will facilitate.

A special announcement from the Village Zendo

An exciting announcement from the Village Zendo:

Soshin, Fugan, Tokuyu, JoAn, Bokushu Senseis

We’re very pleased to announce that we have some new teachers and preceptors in the Village Zendo community.

On July 30, Ryotan Roshi gave Dharma Transmission to Lisa Soshin Dufour, Douglass Fugan Dineen and Timothy Bokushu Tucker.  They received the title “Sensei” and may teach independently.

We’re delighted to have these new teachers and preceptors to carry on our tradition.

Please join us in congratulating Tokuyu Sensei, JoAn Sensei, Soshin Sensei, Fugan Sensei and Bokushu Sensei!

Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara, Abbot


Settle here

A few visual impressions of the Oxbow Zendo at First Churches.  Many thanks to the all the hands and hearts who make it a warm and beautiful space to sit and settle.

First Churches Zendo: Altar
Buddha statue settled into meditation
First Churches Zendo
Settle into your seat

Study: Homeless Kodo

Will resume in the fall, stay tuned – Chapter 9 “What is Happiness?” on page 31 — Oxbow Zendo & Zoom

We’re studying the “Zen Teachings of the Homeless Kodo” by Koshu Uchiyama and Shohaku Okumura at our monthly study meetings.  Looking forward to studying the text with you.  Please go ahead and start reading.  Mark any sections that speak to you and bring those to the monthly study meeting (dates: 3/27, 4/24, …).

[POSTPONED] Zazenkai with Ryotan Roshi (Sat May 21)

[Update Apr 30 2022:  Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, we’ve decided it would be prudent and wise to postpone.]

We are excited to welcome Ryotan Roshi back for a full day of intensified Zazenkai practice.  Please mark your calendars for Saturday May 21 2022, at our usual Zazenkai location in Southampton.  As usual, details and updates will be shared through the email list.

VZ Urban Sesshin

You are invited to participate in the online Village Zendo “Urban Sesshin” from March 16-18.  On Saturday March 19, it continues with a full day of Zazenkai practice and culminate in Sunday’s “Shuso Hossen” ceremony.  For details and registration, please check the following Village Zendo page.

Urban Sesshin: The Leisurely One