*Online* Zazenkai Sunday April 5 2020

Dear Oxbow Zen friends,
Here is the schedule for this coming Sunday’s half-day Zazenkai.  
You are warmly invited to participate in all, or as much of the day as is possible for you.  The regular Sunday morning sit from 8-9:35 AM is folded into the schedule (bonus: with talk!).   The timing after the Dharma talk is a little tentative and may shift. The Zoom link will be sent through our email list.

Please mute yourself during Zazen and during the chants.   You’ll hear the Ino and Doan.  Chant along in your own home.

Right now, interviews are planned during Zazen after the talk and before Open Sozan.  If you want to request interview during the day, please let Soshin Hoshi know (e.g. via email).  

Questions?  Don’t hesitate to be in touch. Looking forward to practicing with you,



7:45 Connect your tech, connect with folks, settle into your seat
8:00 Zazen (Jikido) 8:30 Verse of the Kesa (Doan)
8:35 Stretching/Break
8:40 Zazen
9:10 Stretching/Break

9:15 Dharma Talk 
9:35 Stretching/Break

9:40     Zazen
10:10 Stretching/Break
10:15 Zazen
10:45  Stretching/Break

10:50 Seated Heart Sutra (Ino, Doan)11:00 Open Sozan
11:30 Good Byes