Study: Three Step Zen Mindfulness Method by Ryodo Roshi

Regarding Ryodo Roshi’s chapter, you can find a one-page overview that summarizes the realms of the mind he names, along with some of their qualities.
Here’s a link to the entry point I would suggest, into the Cloudbook, namely the section on the “Realms of the Mind.”
I think the following few short consecutive sections would be helpful to read for our December 6 study meeting:
As you read the sections, you are invited to explore:
  • How do you experience each of these “Realms” and “Steps?”
  • What are their qualities, for you?
  • Are there specific practices that support you in taking particular “Steps”?
  • What words or images do you find helpful in communicating the qualities of each “Realm”?
For an overview of his overall online writings, here’s the Table of Contents at
To help identify possible future study texts, Shokai suggested we take a look at Suggested Readings from the Village Zendo:
Looking forward to studying with you!